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Our companyis  engaged in the construction of all types of residential and non-residential buildings. Special emphasis is placed on welding, assembly and dismantling of various oil and energy plants. He also deals with civil engineering from foundation to roof. The biggest capital of the company is its staff, composed of professionals from various fields with international experience.

The head of the company is the director Dipl. Inz. Darko Bozic, , a civil engineer with many years of professional experience and knowledge gained in construction site management around the world. for oil refining in Tyumen, overhaul and expansion of Lukoil refinery in Volgograd, the largest construction project in the processing and distribution of gas on the Jamal Peninsula, "Jamal-Spg" -Sabeta, and many other projects. He has built many main oil and gas pipelines for Transneft, Gazprom and other Russian companies in the oil sector. The company also has two graduate engineers, who directly participated in the construction of pipelines, pipelines, refineries, power plants and overhaul of the same plants, with one engineer directly for the welding process and technology, and the other for construction, installation and overhaul, as well as for all types of civil engineering. However, the most valuable thing in the company are our welders and locksmiths, fitters, as well as construction workers. We currently have certified welders, who are qualified for electric welding, as well as Co2 and Tig welders and locksmith installers. All our welders have many years of international experience in welding, oil and gas pipelines in the Russian Federation, as well as oil tanks, and all welding jobs in refinery complexes and crude oil refining stations, such as various power plants, and European shipyards. All our locksmiths and installers also participated in the assembly of oil and energy plants, in Russia and Europe, as well as their overhauls. All our people are technically literate and read projects independently and are ready and qualified to perform all tasks in their fields. We are also able to immediately hire insulators for all types of insulation (pipes, buildings ...) In the civil engineering sector we have the aforementioned graduate engineer and a team of skilled workers, carpenters, reinforcement workers, masons, ceramics and a team for processing and installation of all a type of natural stone. The company has at its disposal as fitters and specialists for AKZ operations (baking and painting of metal structures), which we have at our disposal, as well as plans to open a plant for the production of finished metal structures for all purposes.

We are a young company with a large experienced professional staff, which has many years of international experience with a clear plan and goals for further expansion and thus improvement to master new technologies and follow all world trends in our field. team and became leaders in the region in this area.

We are a company that can meet all customer requirements in the field of welding and general construction of oil pipelines, gas pipelines, energy and other plants as well as their complete overhaul.


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